As an international enterprise in the automotive services sector we must know and take into account many statutory regulations in Germany and abroad. Consequently we adhere to our corporate guidelines in the moral interaction with colleagues, supervisors, and customers. These include the Formel D Compliance Regulations, Code of Conduct, and Anticorruption Guidelines.

Formel D Orients Itself to Legal Standards

We are the driving force in the Automotive Service Industry. Team-spirited, professional and passionate, we lead the market in the development of concepts and individual, scalable solutions for quality assurance and process optimization along the entire automotive value chain.

Relative to the Compliance Regulations Formel D orients itself to the applicable legal standards. Together we take a stand against corruption and unfair competition.

Compliance, Legal Standards | Formel D

In regular contact with customers our attention is particularly focused on these areas:

  • Gifts or favors
  • Invitation to restaurants or events
  • Advantageous business relationships
  • Secrecy
  • Private businesses
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited

Formel D Preserves Integrity

We expect from our responsible bodies and employees correct conduct in day-to-day business operation and everyday business life. For us integrity is the prerequisite for the reputation and economic success of a globally active enterprise.

Formel D Rejects Corrupt Behavior

We prohibit any type of corruption and reject unlawful conduct. Moreover, we expect from our responsible bodies, and employees that they do not avail themselves of any corrupt or other unlawful practices.

Code of Conduct of the Formel D Group

We are asking our employees and business partners to actively commit to observing our compliance regulations and to report any concerns they may have about a possible violation. Your direct point of contact for such matters is our Chief Compliance Officer. Sometimes, however, there might be a situation you want to do something about without becoming directly involved. We understand it may be difficult for our employees or our business partners to communicate any such situations of which they become aware to their point of contact or to our Chief Compliance Officer.

In order to manage this potentially difficult situation and protect you, Formel D has assigned Navex Global, an external, experienced service provider, to deal with your concerns anonymously, confidentially and without charge. Navex Global is a completely independent organization with objective personnel who are trained in such sensitive matters. You can telephone in confidence, use the external online portal or send an email to Navex Global, knowing for sure that your message will not be tracked or recorded. Any information you share with Navex Global – anonymously if you so wish – will be forwarded to a Compliance Board made up of the Chief Compliance Officer and the heads of the legal and personnel departments. The Compliance Board will look into the matter without compromising you in any way whatsoever. Once you have submitted a report, Navex Global will send you a unique code number for tracking the status of the report, or for providing further information if you so wish.

To report a suspicious situation or an incident, you can

  • call the Telephone Hotline at Navex Global 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, on +44 1249 661808 (subject to charge). You can find a toll-free number for your country here.
  • use Navex Global’s external online portal via this link.
  • contact the Chief Compliance Officer of the Formel D Group directly on:
    Phone: +49 221 67006—108
    (if you choose this option, your anonymity cannot be guaranteed)

Please observe the data protection information attached to this email when reporting a compliance case.

1. Collection and processing of personal data and other information

Reporting a compliance case through Navex Global or directly to the Chief Compliance Officer is voluntary. The personal data and other information collected during the reporting procedure will be processed in accordance with the data protection laws specific to the country concerned. In submitting your report, you consent to this procedure.

You have the option of submitting your reporting without giving your name. We do recommend, however, that you disclose your identity. The information you transmit will be treated confidentially in any case.

Whenever you report an incident to the Chief Compliance Officer or to Navex Global, the following personal data and other information will be collected:

  • your name and contact details, unless you want to remain anonymous;
  • whether you are or were employed at Formel D or, if this is not the case, your relationship with Formel D (business partner or similar);
  • the name and other personal data for the individuals upon which the report is based (e.g. job descriptions, contact data);
  • a description of the conduct being reported and a description of the situation surrounding the incident, including the time and place of the incident, details about the affected department at Formel D, details about any facts known to the management;
  • Any questions you might have.

2. Processing of personal data and other information after the report is submitted

All personal data and other information contained in your report may be stored in the database used by Navex Global. The various options for making contact will be provided by Formel D GmbH, Schanzenstraße 6-20, Building 2.08, DE-51063 Cologne. The database in which the personal data and other information you provide may be stored is operated by Pulsant Ltd., Unit 50, Suttons Business Park, Reading, West Berkshire RG6 1AZ, UK. The database is operated by Pulsant on behalf of Navex Global, 6 Greenways Business Park, Bellinger Close, Chippenham, SN15 1BN, UK,, and by Navex Global on behalf of Formel D. Navex Global and Pulsant have undertaken to comply with the data protection level standardized in the EU for the processing of personal data.

3. Access to personal data and other information

The personal data and other information you disclose may be viewed, processed and used in order for your report to be processed by the Chief Compliance Officer concerned, the Compliance Board and also by the departments assigned thereby to clarify the procedure, or by technical personnel at Navex Global.

Personal data and other information can also be transmitted to the respective investigative authorities.

The departments which receive and process the personal data and other information are located exclusively in units that comply with the legally specified data protection level.

Please note that all persons whose identity you disclose as part of a compliance report can be notified that a report about them has been received at any time. Your identity will not be disclosed. However, all persons about whom you disclose details are entitled to correct your version of events if applicable.

4. Retention period of personal data and other information

The personal data and other information you disclose will be retained until such times as the knowledge thereof is required to process the report, including the conducting of investigations by the departments and authorities responsible, or for as long as the data has to be retained by law.

5. No reporting of emergencies

Please note that the specified options for contacting Navex Global can be used only to report compliance cases. In case of emergency, or if you require any other kind of support, please refer to the Formel D Intranet or the Internet to find the correct point of contact at Formel D.


Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our compliance guidelines.