Vehicle Test Center Operations – Tests are Also Required Abroad

It is sometimes more cost-effective or, from a technical perspective, even necessary to outsource entire sub-processes for vehicle trialing. We have experience of handling entire trialing processes, especially test drives abroad.

Our experts look after the conceptual design, erection and operation of a dedicated test center, as well as defining test circuits and profiles. We manage the entire logistics chain for vehicles and components. Customs formalities in particular call for special knowledge of processes and the legal situations specific to each country. Place your trust in our international experience. We make sure that the essential prerequisites are met all over the world.

Formel D Can Organize and Operate Your Test Center

If you are looking to outsource your trial process to just one pair of hands, Formel D is the international partner for you.

  • Vehicle Test Center Conception, Implementation and Operations

  • Test Vehicle- and Parts Logistics

  • Customs Clearance

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