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We offer our services along the entire automotive value chain – from product development to production through to aftersales. This end-to-end approach, coupled with our specific knowledge and extensive experience, creates synergies that play a key role in optimizing and safeguarding the quality of products and processes along the entire supply chain.

Backed by a strong, comprehensive range of quality and production services, we are your experienced partner for overall vehicle-related work in development, production and aftersales.

Whatever your requirement is, benefit from the product solutions we offer in the form of engineering, consulting and training services or authoritative operator model. Our project success is based on a qualified and globally-standardized project management strategy.

Your Benefits with Formel D. Your Global Partner for Vehicle, Parts and Service Readiness.
Product Portfolio of the Formel D Group

Product Development

In the field of product and vehicle development we test, analyze and validate vehicles, components and software for you before your vehicles go into production.


With our solutions for vehicle production our customers can rely on every component and system being in the right place at the right time, in the optimum quality and the correct quantity.


With our services in the area of quality management and process optimization in aftersales, we make the quality of your vehicles a lasting experience.

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