Quality Confirmation Center (QCC)

A production stop due to deficient parts is enormously expensive for the manufacturer and supplier. Such a case calls for a rapid response and a sustainable supplier development, which minimizes the risk of deficient parts. The Quality Confirmation Center (QCC) guarantees the improvement of quality standards, maintains the quality requirements with regard to schedules, costs and personnel and also reduces rework and interfaces. Our efficient, digitized processes provide maximum transparency so that you receive information on the current state of affairs at all times, almost in real time, which enables you to react quickly if required.

Quality Confirmation Center Automotive Evaluation | Formel D
Quality Confirmation Center Automotive Logistics | Formel D

The Benefits of our Quality Confirmation Center at a Glance:

Our services at the Quality Confirmation Center provide automotive manufacturers and suppliers high quality and efficiency all around the vehicle.

  • Event-oriented goods inward inspection

  • Zero-fault line supply

  • Handling coordination activities

  • On-site presence with max. 15 minutes reaction time and 24/7 support

  • Reworking area in the plant and areas as and when required

  • Stable tests through external work instructions and individual testing equipment

  • Integrated special tests, such as in mobile soundproof booths and reflection chambers

  • Complete, regular transparency of the parts status

  • Regular fault analyses

  • Knowledge of the products, faults, causes, preventive measures

  • Logistics services

  • Ultimate process, data and information security

  • Use of modern hardware and software

  • Online database system for documentation and detailed reporting

  • Process reliability in technical and commercial processes

  • Automatic evaluation, almost in real time, with customer-specific design, if required

  • Use and processing of the customer’s enterprise resource planning system as required

  • Paperless and resource-saving documentation

  • Usage-based accounting

  • Cost reduction throughout the entire process by 25% to 40%

  • Well-founded suggestions for improvement and process optimization

  • Contact with suppliers and continuous supplier development

Smooth Production Process by Ensuring 100% Fault-Free Parts

Quality Confirmation Center (QCC) | Automotive Industry | Formel D (EN)

QCC product brochure

For more information, please refer to our Quality Confirmation Center product brochure.