Vehicle Testing – Vehicles and Components Have to be Tested

Vehicle tests ensure quality under extremely diverse prevailing conditions, including dusty, hot and cold and high-elevation environments. Prior to production release, to guarantee quality during series production or to reproduce complaints from the field, extensive tests are required on the overall vehicle, components and functions at sites all over the world.

Formel D Conducts, Records and Evaluates the Testing of Vehicles

We help you prepare, organize and perform the test drives on both public roads or non-public race and test circuits. We guarantee regular updates to the construction stage on both the hardware and software side, analyze and verify complaints and integrate them into the fault rectification process. The aim of all new vehicle or system developments is to consolidate or enhance your market position. As part of our benchmarking procedure, we conduct extensive comparative tests and use defined criteria to evaluate how your product is positioned against the competition.

Your Test Vehicle Fleet is in Good Hands With Formel D

We manage and coordinate all mules, prototypes and test vehicles in all phases of the trialing process. And when the tests are complete, we ensure the professional and certified disposal of the vehicles, applications and prototype parts. Throughout the entire trialing process, confidentiality is high on our agenda.

Vehicle trials in development, production or aftersales in a one, two or three-shift operation. Formel D has expert teams you can count on.

  • Vehicle Test Drives

  • Hardware and Software Analysis

  • Software Management

  • Benchmarking

  • Test Vehicle Fleet Management

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