Supplier Sourcing & Readiness – Production quality starts at the supplier

Flawless and timely production processes require all interdependent conditions to be fulfilled. A purposeful, in-process quality monitoring system ensures that component and system suppliers can produce and deliver the required quality and quantity on time. Initially, or whenever a change is required, suitable suppliers have to be selected and evaluated by means of assessments, feasibility studies or comparative tests.

Formel D checks what you get before it arrives

We support and monitor the development of critical new parts and prototype tools on suppliers’ premises all over the world. Including all project coordination, project control and comprehensive reporting. Even in the initial production process, we proactively seek to avoid errors through optimization procedures. Our Production Evaluation Center (PEC) – model for evaluating and comparing production sites and units – helps us offer a tool-supported solution for anticipating quality-critical risks.

If damaged parts do happen to be supplied, we rectify the situation immediately with reactive troubleshooting. At the same time, we analyze the causes and establish sustainable qualification, training and development measures as part of a Supplier Quality Improvement Process (SQIP). We review the success of such measures on a regular basis through audits intended to obtain the requisite certifications.

Want to improve the quality of your processes and supplier products? Formel D knows how.

  • Supplier Selection and Evaluation

  • Supplier Qualification

  • Auditing

  • Quality Planning

  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP/PPF)

  • Maturity Validation

  • Troubleshooting

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