Automotive Software Engineering Services – Testing & Validation

Nowadays, cars also feature additional assistance systems, enhanced infotainment functions, eCall options, and vehicle networking. A luxury class vehicle produced today contains more lines of code than a passenger airplane. In addition to physical tests on roads or test tracks, Formel D also performs functional tests on vehicle software. This ensures that the vehicle behaves exactly as desired in every potential driving situation.

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Another distinguishing factor is the technical expertise of the employees. Therefore, Formel D attaches great importance to the fact that the staff is optimally trained for their different application areas in the corresponding projects. It is also important that all team members contribute to an agile and adaptable project strategy, based on the SCRUM model.

Depending on the type and scope of the project, the Group assembles teams of experts from its certified ISTQB testers, test managers, test architects, and test environment managers with appropriate experience in the configuration, execution and evaluation of test cases. They work in teams to check if new software updates are ready for release. Checking the functionality of the software in relation to other software environments in the vehicle is also important. Formel D relies on manual testing and increasingly also on automatic testing. After checking to see if the software is ready for release, Formel D makes a release recommendation to its customers.

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