Quality Management – Mistakes Happen, we Take Action

A production stop due to deficient parts is enormously expensive for the manufacturer. An effective and efficient quality assurance strategy is key to prevention. Even in the initial production process, we proactively seek to avoid errors through optimization procedures. If damaged parts do happen to be supplied, we rectify the situation immediately. One solution is to deploy a Resident Engineer as the communication interface between manufacturer and supplier to ensure the tasks at hand are processed and de-escalated swiftly and efficiently. If needs be, we provide support or consistently modify the processes and workflows on-site in the interim.

We ensure, through the initial quality inspection of components at the supplier or the incoming goods inspection at the OEM, including reworking minor flaws, that 100% fault-free parts facilitate a smooth production process.

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Quality Confirmation Center (QCC) | Automotive Industry | Formel D (EN)

Formel D as an Integral Part of Your Quality Assurance Process

Under our Quality Confirmation Center concept, we handle the entire quality control process over the long term. From communicating with the supplier to guaranteeing the correct quality and quantity of the parts, in the plant and outside on dedicated premises. We employ innovative processes and tools, including a global early warning system, which allow the supplier base to be managed quickly and transparently with a view to avoiding defective parts. Pre-production activities on purchased parts, in the sense of a value-creating or quality warehouse, can be added at any time.

Our quality management tools include APQP, Audits, CSL I+II, FMEA, R@R, PPAP, Six Sigma, SPC, Ishikawa, TQM, 5X Why. We also pass on our expertise in standardized or customized training sessions.

If quality in the production process is high on your agenda, Formel D can offer you scalable solutions.

  • Resident Engineering

  • Quality Confirmation Center (QCC)
  • Quality Warehousing
  • Control and Rework

  • Troubleshooting
  • Interim-/Shopfloor Management
  • Quality Engineering

  • Quality Training

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