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Dr. Thomas Klukas | Formel D

Dr. Thomas Klukas

Dr. Thomas Klukas has presided over the executive board, acting as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), since September 2021.

Thomas Klukas joined the Formel D Group as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in June 2020. The industrial engineer has many years of international experience and has already held various high-ranking international managerial positions.

Before joining Formel D, Dr. Klukas was responsible for the Automotive division of the internationally leading testing, inspection, and certification company SGS SA, headquartered in Geneva, as a member of the board. Before that, he held leading managerial positions for DEKRA SE both in Germany and abroad.

After completing his degree at the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Thomas Klukas received his PhD in engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern in 1999.

Gian Mario Deligios

Gian Mario Deligios has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Formel D Group since January 2020. The finance manager can look back on many years of experience in managerial positions in the automotive industry.

Before his appointment at Formel D, Deligios was Group Chief Financial Officer at Witte Automotive from 2015 to 2019. His previous positions include three years as Group Chief Financial Officer and Group Managing Director for the BOA Group and ten years as Finance Director Business Unit Metals JCI, Group Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director CRH Group for Johnson Controls Inc. and C. Rob. Hammerstein (CRH) Group.

Johannes Wallraf
Vice President Germany

Johannes Wallraf’s career at Formel D began on November 1, 2009, in warranty management in Munich. After three years, he already took on additional responsibilities for the site – first as Project Manager, then as Technical Director in 2014. During his career at Formel D, he completed a correspondence course in business administration. 

Johannes Wallraf worked his way up from the bottom: He is a qualified automotive mechatronics specialist and has completed a master’s degree in automotive electrics. In one way or another, “Automotive” was always a part of his career. In Denmark, he was responsible for the sale and conversion of motorhomes for the Scandinavian market. In Schleswig-Holstein, he worked for Volvo Trucks. 

His long-standing professional experience and expertise in the automotive industry led him to his appointment in January 2022 as Vice President Germany at Formel D. 

Michael Sagan
Vice President Americas

Michael Sagan started his career at Formel D on December 1st, 2019 as Technical Director in Greenville, SC and assumed responsibility as Director Operations US & Canada in 2020.

After receiving a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering, Michael worked in multiple operations and engineering positions for major Tier 1 suppliers. Due to his 25 years of professional experience in the automotive industry, also in an international context, and his great leadership skills, he successfully led his team to launch the 1st QCC project in the US in the midst of a pandemic. During this challenging time, Michael convinced with his flexibility, reliability and great operational expertise, who successfully positioned Formel D for further future growth.

Martin Pekár | Formel D

Martin Pekár
Vice President Central & Eastern Europe

Martin Pekár joined Formel D in 2013, first as the Sales Director and then Operations Director and is now heading the national subsidiaries of the Formel D Group in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Romania and Turkey. He took over the role of Vice President CEE in August, 2017.

After completing the Machine Engineering High School in 2001, Martin Pekár worked for various Automotive OEMs and a power engineering service provider and has held various positions. Starting as Quality Inspector, he was promoted to Supervisor, Coordinator, Project Manager, Branch Director and Managing Director. In 2011 he joined the MBA program at UNYP University in Prague.

Thomas Revillard
Vice President Western Europe & Africa

Thomas Revillard joined Formel D as Vice President Western Europe & Africa in September 2021.

Thomas Revillard has over 28 years of international experience in managerial positions within the automotive and aviation industries as well as in the public sector. He has worked in a wide range of countries in Central Europe, Africa, the Near East, and the Far East and has extensive knowledge in the areas of testing, inspection, and certification.

Before making the switch to Formel D, Thomas Revillard was Senior Vice President at a leading provider of trade facilitation solutions in Dubai. Prior to that, he was responsible for the development of vehicle inspection services, software for artificial intelligence, and e-platform applications.

Wei Zhang
Vice President China

Wei Zhang was appointed Vice President China at the beginning of 2020. He began his career at Formel D as a Project Manager in 2012, before moving up in ranks to Technical Director in 2014 and finally Director in 2017.

Before joining Formel D, Wei Zhang gained experience in the automotive industry, working for Denso Tianjin as a quality engineer and for an EV powertrain system producer as a quality manager. He successfully completed Bachelor studies in “Electrical Engineering and Automation” as well as “IT and Technology”. He also holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Management.

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