Localization and Relocation – No Matter Whether Local or International, Production Operations Must Run

As part of a localization strategy, local suppliers are selected, nominated and qualified for a specific market in a readiness program. Often, these suppliers arrange the necessary infrastructure, such as halls and equipment, themselves. Our job is to define and implement a capable quality management system.

When it comes to relocations, on the other hand, the entire infrastructure has to be moved, or some items have to be procured. The supplier usually has adequate knowledge of quality management systems and needs only support for the relocation itself.

A production relocation must be started within the planned timeline and with the planned yield of good parts. When a running production operation is relocated, there must be no production stops due to an undersupply of parts.

Formel D Relocates for You

We handle all the organization and implementation of relocation projects for you. Backed by a professional project organization, we create the conditions for a smooth relocation process, starting with efficient expert planning and coordinating approval processes with the local authorities. If necessary, we determine the requisite start-up inventories and ensure the availability thereof. We look after the organization of the physical relocation, the sampling phase and controlling start-up through to reaching the crestline. We can also operate your plant permanently if you so wish.

If you want to place the responsibility for planning, relocation and start-up in just one pair of hands, Formel D is the passionate partner for you!

  • Communication with Authorities

  • Production Planning

  • Logistics Planning

  • Warehousing

  • Start up / Ramp up Production

  • Shopfloor Management and Operations

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