With our electromobility services, we are your global partner along the entire automotive value chain. Our objective is to help you reach your individual goals by consistently adapting our portfolio of services to your challenges and requirements.

What we Offer:

  • Professional high-voltage equipment and trained staff

  • Holistic competence

  • Flexibility through process standards

  • Extensive quality services on site

  • Certified services in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Electromobility Services Battery | Formel D

Our Portfolio of Electromobility Services

Vehicle Testing of Electric Drives and Sensors

Formel D tests electric vehicles for durability and suitability for everyday road capability. At the same time, we test the functionality of individual sensors in connection with the entire vehicle for you. This allows us to ensure that the drive and the driver assistance systems function comfortably and with zero defect on the market.

Our services in product development

Supplier Support in Accordance With Electromobility Standards

New technologies mean there are also new suppliers in the automotive world. We make sure they meet the standards of the automotive industry and that the quantity and quality of purchasing parts is guaranteed.

Our services for production processes

Aftersales Support for Electric Vehicles

New challenges also arise for retailers and trading partners. New products with changed utilization concepts require different aftersales processes. We take them on as comprehensive packages. Among other things, we ensure that questions about the product are answered quickly, that spare parts are always available in the right quantity and at the right time at the right place, and that vehicle fleets remain accessible.

Our aftersales services

Your Competence Center for Electromobility – our Verification & Campaign Center

Electromobility is now at the top of almost every manufacturer’s agenda. Formel D is gradually expanding the Verification and Campaign Center (VCC) in Ahlhorn into a competence center for electromobility and is prepared to meet the growing needs of its customers in this regard.