Value Added Assembly – Outsourcing as a Way of Focusing on Core Processes

Certain production steps are outsourced to service providers for a number of reasons, including shortage of space on the premises available at the manufacturer, or on economic grounds. The tasks here include the interim production steps, making assemblies or packing components – also vehicle-specific and in sequence, e.g. according to color and equipment.

Formel D Assumes Responsibility

Under the terms of works contracts, we assume full responsibility for production planning, component logistics, quality assurance for purchased parts, warranties, guaranteeing an uninterrupted line supply (JIT/JIS deliveries) and, of course, assembly and installation quality.

We possess outstanding expertise in processing, finishing and personalizing vehicles with visual and technical accessory scopes as part of country-specific modifications. Because these installation options cannot usually be realized on the line due to timings, we offer a cost-efficient integrated solution in the form of our Refining Manufacturing Center (RMC). This concept is also the ideal solution for special-purpose and mini-series vehicles. We look after all the setups and retrofits, and make sure that the vehicles arrive in the right place at the right time in the agreed quantity and quality.

Looking for an integrated solution for outsourcing production steps, including assembly and installation, in series quality ex-works, at the loading or unloading port?

Formel D has worldwide experience.

  • Refining Manufacturing Center (RMC)

  • Outsourced Manufacturing and Assembly

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