Terms of use

This website is subject of the following terms of use, which will be bindingly agreed on with the website’s opening in relationship between the user and the service provider (Formel D). In case there are any differences from the following terms of use for particular utilisations, there will be an explicit indication at the respective point. Additionally the special terms of use are valid for an individual case.

The content of this website (especially text, images, graphics, sounds, animations and videos as well as their arrangement on the website) are brand and/ or copyrighted or protected on basis of other protective laws. Therefore it is not permitted to download the whole or parts of the website, to duplicate or to publish it. Permitted is the technically necessary duplication in order to browse, as long as no economical purposes are persuaded with this action, as well as the permanent duplication for the private use. It is permitted, to set up a hyperlink, as long as it only serves the cross-linking. Formel D reserves its right to cancel the permission. The framing of this website is not permitted. Beyond this usage permission the usage is explicitly forbidden. Violations will be judged according to civil law. This usage permission does not contain the right to use the design and layout or used photos and illustrations of this website or any other website.

Despite all accuracy when creating, caring or maintaining this website, content-wise, technical or typographical errors are not be completely impossible. Formel D does not take any warranty for the up-to-date-ness, correctness, completeness, availability or quality of the provided information. Liability claims against Formel D, which refer to substantial or ideal damages, that occurred through the use or disuse of the provided information or rather through the use of incorrect or incomplete information, are basically prohibited, as long as there is no demonstrably deliberated or grossly negligent default by Formel D; this is also valid for the commitment of Formel D’s breach of duty of legal representatives and assistants. The commitment of simple negligence is confined to the breach of essential contractual obligations and the typically foreseeable damage. The foresaid limitations of liability are only valid, if there is no claim after the product commitment law. The commitment for bodily injuries is also untouched. Formel D explicitly reserves the right, to carry out changes and supplementations of the website or rather cut the website’s operation without prior notice.

Concerning direct or indirect reference on internet pages (links), which lie outside Formel D’s responsibility, a commitment in individual cases can be considered, if Formel D had positive knowledge about the content and the obvious breach and if it has been technically possible and reasonable for Formel D, to prohibit the usage in case of illegal content. Formel D has no influence on the current and future design and on the content of linked pages. Therefore Formel D explicitly distance itself from all illegal, defective or incomplete content. This declaration is valid for all placed links and reference within the own internet offerings as well as for external entries into guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and especially for damages, which result from the use or disuse of such a kind of provided information, only the provider of the page, on which was referred or rather the person who has composed or published the content, is liable, not the one who is referencing via links to the announcement. Formel D is not appropriating such external content.

Formel D reserves itself to modify those terms of use from time to time and to adapt them according to the technical and legal development. In case of the ineffectualness of individual arrangements of this usage declaration, the effectualness for the rest stays untouched.