Software Management – Complex Requirements Demand Professional Solutions

To meet the increasingly complex requirements in the area of software management and ensure the satisfaction of our customers and their end customers, such as workshops, Formel D offers fast response times, optimal performance, and end-to-end service and cost transparency.

The analysis, verification, and allocation of error patterns form the basis for numerous requirements. Our experienced employees have extensive expertise in the areas of development, validation, IT, and support, regularly taking part in additional qualification measures. Software developers in all standard programming languages, ISTQB-certified software testers, test managers and test analysts, experienced system and network administrators, as well as IT specialists with in-depth knowledge of cars all help make your projects a success. Our processes are based on agile approaches like SCRUM.

We’re Here for You On Site and Off Site

We provide our services – from planning to architecture, implementation and testing, to operation and support – both at customer premises and our own professionally equipped facilities. Formel D management is actively involved in shaping the services, ensuring smooth processes. To supply you with the best possible solution, we also take advantage of our cross-functional international network.

Among others, we can offer you the following products:

Software Testing and Validation

  • Quality assurance for all characteristics (scalability, functionality, stability, portability, serviceability, efficiency, and usability)

  • Code reviews

  • Component tests

  • System and integration tests

  • Application tests

  • Acceptance tests

  • Automated test runs and methods

  • Testing along the simulation tool chain

Requirements Management / Test Management

  • Continual test development

  • Requirement analyses and management

  • Custom-developed test management strategies for different applications and development processes

  • Preparation of test plans and test concepts

  • Development of modern test methods

  • Integration of test processes in the development process

Test Bench Operation and Setup

  • Construction, configuration, and operation of test benches for flash verification

  • Simulation of entire vehicles for all production series

  • Needs analyses for planned new constructions

  • Further development of testing techniques and methods

  • Strategic parts management

  • Budget planning

Test Environment Management / IT Infrastructure

  • Control and monitoring of IT processes

  • Provision, maintenance, and configuration of the necessary IT infrastructure in test labs (hardware and software)

  • Emulation of real production conditions through administration of various network structures in separate simulations

  • IT security

  • Network administration

  • Maintenance and support

Tool Development / Software Development

  • Agile development processes

  • Requirements analyses

  • Conceptual design

  • Architectural design

  • System design

  • Component design

  • Database system design

  • Ongoing integration

  • Continuous improvement of modelling methods

  • Code refactoring

  • Deployment

  • Support

Error and Test Analysis

  • Error analysis, assessment, and reporting

  • Classification of error patterns

  • Cause studies

  • Preparation and analysis of error statistics

  • Introduction of suitable troubleshooting measures

  • Defect-reduction strategies

  • Test-based application adaptation

  • Close collaboration with requirements and release management

Test Automation

  • Custom-developed tools

  • Shortened test and development cycles

  • Test automation solutions for functional tests

  • Automatic test case creation, regression tests, and test analyses

  • Central, automatic administration of test data and results

  • Automatic defect monitoring

Custom Consultation and Support Services

  • Gap analysis: Actual/target comparison including definition of measures

  • Custom training in the area of software, e.g. project management with contents on agile approaches such as Scrum

  • Advice on customer-specific software solutions and their implementation

  • Coaching on the job for various products and positions

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