Vehicle Management – Vehicles are Worked up or Retrofitted Several Times Over the Lifecycle

To meet country-specific requirements for registration, new vehicles have to be retrofitted or converted before or after being imported. But even special-purpose vehicles based on current series models are increasingly being converted in small numbers for certain uses. Used vehicles such as leasing returns require quality-assured overhaul and refurbishment procedures so that they can be resold for the maximum residual value. Both new and used vehicles must undergo a pre-delivery inspection before being handed over to the customer. In the case of new vehicles, the warranty period starts at this point in time.

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Formel D Guarantees Quality Wherever You Need It

For all these vehicle-related services, we deliver quality work at manufacturer level. We also handle the logistical control of large vehicle volumes. This is achieved based on standardized processes we have developed and with experienced teams of qualified experts.

If you are looking for a service provider with a passion for this kind of work on vehicles, Formel D is the professional partner for you.

  • Vehicle Refurbishment

  • Vehicle Retrofit

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

  • Preparation Show Cars

  • Fleet Management

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