Vehicle Test Center

As a service provider operating globally in the field of product development, we perform test and validation drives or operate entire test centers on behalf of its customers.

Vehicle Test Center Service | Formel D

It is often more economical or necessary from a technical point of view for manufacturers to outsource entire sub-processes of vehicle trialing. Formel D is at its customers’ side as a competent contact here, and in conjunction with the OEM it develops a strategy ranging from the establishment of a center and the necessary logistics to the definition of routes and scenarios. Then, a team of specially trained test drivers performs the actual trial runs and documents them, while a second team evaluates the results. The services are performed in one- to three-shift operation depending on the requirements. This offers customers flexibility and enables the Formel D employees to work proactively, even if there are fluctuations in capacity utilization.

We support the execution of test drives and comparative tests as well as fleet management for various manufacturers. In this context, we are in charge of the control and organization of trialing as a whole and of the test center as well as the workshops in three shifts operating seven days a week.

Our Services and Your Benefits at Our Vehicle Test Center

  • Independent test stations worldwide

  • Global ramp up team

  • Logistics handling and management of test fleets

  • Skill evaluation and training programs

  • Holistic concepts

  • Highest safety standards and concepts

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