Warranty Management – Quality Has to be Guaranteed

Guarantee and warranty costs run at 5 to 7 percent of sales, depending on the sector. High warranty costs often signal a need for optimization within the processes, and hence offer potential for far-reaching improvements, especially in terms of quality. An efficient warranty management system that helps to cut costs while increasing customer satisfaction is therefore moving up on decision-makers’ agendas.

Formel D Guarantees Efficiency and Improves Quality

Our Warranty Solution Center (WSC) concept offers solutions for reducing warranty costs and optimizing quality along the entire process chain – from the dealer, to internal processes at the manufacturer through to suppliers of individual components and elements.

Your processes need analyzing, your warranty data ought to be evaluated and any errors should be rectified? Formel D has the experience you need.

  • Warranty and Field Data Analysis

  • Warranty Audits

  • Parts Analysis

  • Parts Logistics

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