Aftersales as a Service – Full Aftersales Service for Vehicles

Establishing a new aftersales division is a great challenge, especially for OEMs and startups without years of market experience and presence. The entry barrier is high, especially in terms of finances, due to the technical complexity and regional coverage. Furthermore, many processes are more difficult to configure and take up more time than in production, for example. As a reliable partner in the aftersales field, we can rely on existing structures and offer scalable and economical solutions for different fleet sizes. With “Aftersales as a Service”, we have now developed an all-round package for integrated aftersales services for our customers.

Competent Partner With Innovative Strength, a Tight Network, and Expertise in Automotive Aftersales Services

Many young, up-and-coming manufacturers are facing difficulties in their efforts to establish an aftersales division. Usually, they do not have a large network yet, and they deliberately want to break with the traditions of established OEMs by developing new concepts. For example, they are redefining the service concept in a completely new way and aspire to make services more flexible in order to meet changing user behavior. Since this is an ambitious endeavor, manufacturers need competent partners with the necessary innovative strength, a tight network, and expertise in automotive topics of the future. Thanks to our extensive portfolio and experience in the aftersales field, we can offer you complete solutions from a single source – ranging from IT infrastructure to call center setup, from digital manuals and supplier management to vehicle service and maintenance.

Calculable and Predictable Solutions

All services included in our service package are available to you immediately after the partnership has been sealed and without big initial investment. Moreover, you no longer need to tediously set up your own aftersales infrastructure and network. It makes the setup of the aftersales division more calculable and above all predictable for the OEMs.

You name your goals and growth prospects, and we put together a suitable, scalable service package. In addition to the services, you also receive comprehensive advice based on our extensive 25-year experience in the aftersales sector. With these individual solutions tailored to your wishes, even young start-ups can fall back on tried and tested aftersales structures and processes.

Saving Time and Purchasing Costs for OEMs With the new Aftersales Service Model

With “Aftersales as a Service”, we are breaking new, innovative ground, offering OEMs a comprehensive solution and stable partnership with reliable support. Specifically, it is based on a subscription model, in which we provide you with aftersales services for an agreed time, for example. One benefit of this model is that you are not forced to tender each service individually, which reduces acquisition costs in the short term and simplifies billing. It saves time and also helps gain a much better overview of the current costs.

Aftersales as a Service – Focus on the Customer

All processes, systems, and structures used in “Aftersales as a Service” are linked to ensure that data is available at all points. It also facilitates process streamlining and eliminates additional costs caused by interface-optimizing measures. We offer customer-oriented service with a feedback culture. We receive your ideas and refine them until you are satisfied.

Especially in light of the current dynamic development of the industry, the experience of an independent quality service provider really pays off for you. Since 1993, we have been implementing aftersales projects around the world for quite a few OEMs, suppliers, and non-automotive companies. It has taught us to understand the market and given us a very good overview of best-practice solutions, digitalization potential, and the quality of different suppliers.

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