Formel D produces nose and mouth masks for own needs

Published On: 13. May 2020202 words1.1 min read

With strict hygiene and protective measures, the Formel D Group is preparing to start many projects back up at short notice that were ramped down or stopped entirely due to the spread of the coronavirus. One of the numerous measures: For over two weeks, the Group has been producing nose and mouth masks non-stop at the in-house sewing facility in Stuttgart to cover internal company demand.

The Formel D sewing facility, which normally manufactures material for vehicle camouflage, is currently working at full speed to make these nose and mouth masks. In this process, the fabric is first cut out and then sewn. “The nose and mouth masks are made of more than 90% cotton and can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), meaning they can be reused,” explains Benedikt Jakob, Technical Director at Formel D.

The aim at Formel D is to provide up to 200,000 masks in total for employees. To ensure the best possible protection, these masks are being made in various sizes and tailored to different head circumferences. “As the corona protective measures are sure to remain necessary for quite a while, we are well prepared to start back up and for the next few months,” emphasizes Benedikt Jakob.

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