Technical Representation C5

Technical Representation: A key service to assure supply chain quality

Formel D provides the tiered supply base with an agile and flexible service solution to meet their technical representation needs in their customer’s facilities. Representatives will: support product launches, have knowledge of customer products, are able to perform first analysis of complaint(s), share / escalate problems, provide timely reporting / details of any issues, perform various troubleshooting activities, repair and re-test defective parts as applicable, and monitor / manage containments to report the status of corrective actions.

Abstract of value added

International, passionate, dependable.
We offer professional and comprehensive solutions.

Outsourced, autonomously managed service transforms fixed costs to variable costs and less than full time support is available if needed

Existing, local relationships ensure an effective liaison with your customer(s)!

From our service portfolio, we provide the assistance you need in every phase of the vehicle’s lifecycle. We create for you important synergies through holistic solutions and concepts. Consulting services, training and education ensure the transfer of know-how. By taking over outsourced sub-processes, we offer you the possibility to concentrate on your core processes. Benefitting both you and your business partners

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