Najnowsze wiadomości i informacje o Formel D

Bądź zawsze na bieżąco – czytaj nasze aktualności i magazyn dla klientów „Informel”.

Najnowsze wiadomości i informacje o Formel D

Bądź zawsze na bieżąco – czytaj nasze aktualności i magazyn dla klientów „Informel”.

Najnowsze wiadomości i informacje o Formel D

Bądź zawsze na bieżąco – czytaj nasze aktualności i magazyn dla klientów „Informel”.



Formel D secures long-term financing to support its growth strategy

Cologne, December 5, 2022. Formel D, a globally active service provider for the automotive and supplier industry, has successfully concluded a comprehensive refinancing package of €179 million. The financing has been significantly extended for four years, which provides Formel D with planning security for the continuation of its strategic development. Gian Mario Deligios, CFO of Formel D, said: “With the successful refinancing, we are in a solid financial position to continue to actively accompany the transformation of the automotive industry. The refinancing on attractive terms in a challenging market environment is a sign of confidence in our [...]

2022-12-05T09:46:34+01:0005. grudnia 2022|

New Vice President in Germany: Johannes Wallraf assumes leadership role

After twelve years at Formel D, Johannes Wallraf became the new Vice President in Germany on January 1, 2022. With his entrepreneurial spirit and great operational expertise, Johannes Wallraf has always been impressive and has significantly advanced Formel D every year since his start in November 2009. Based on his years of professional experience in the automotive industry, he has continuously managed to lead his team to great success – always keeping his finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing industry. His driving force was always to keep the team spirit [...]

2022-01-26T13:12:04+01:0026. stycznia 2022|

Successful Formel D Business Talk on “Mobility of the Future”

The mobility of the future is developing at a rapid pace and is the central theme of the IAA Mobility. In line with the start of Germany's largest automotive trade fair, the Formel D Group invited guests to a Business Talk at Munich's Allianz Arena. The keynote speakers of the Formel D subsidiary Vdynamics, Dr. Wassiou Sitou (Managing Director Vdynamics) and Sebastian Lüdeke (Key Account Manager Vdynamics), spoke about technological trends and the topic "Virtual validation in vehicle testing".

2021-09-13T14:25:28+02:0009. września 2021|

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The mobility of the future is developing at a rapid pace and is the central theme of the IAA Mobility. In line with the start of Germany's largest automotive trade fair, the Formel D Group invited guests to a Business Talk at Munich's Allianz Arena. The keynote speakers of the Formel D subsidiary Vdynamics, Dr. Wassiou Sitou (Managing Director Vdynamics) and Sebastian Lüdeke (Key Account Manager Vdynamics), spoke about technological trends and the topic "Virtual validation in vehicle testing".

2021-09-13T14:25:28+02:0009. września 2021|

Trade magazine ATZ has honored the most successful engineering service providers in the automotive industry of 2020 in its extra “Automotive Engineering Partners” issue. Formel D took 14th place in this ranking.

2021-07-26T11:16:35+02:0026. lipca 2021|

Yet again, Formel D has been honored by business magazine Focus Money as one of the “best training companies in Germany”. The deciding factors in the study were structural data, trainee pay, training success, and additional offers.

2021-06-09T15:22:57+02:0009. czerwca 2021|

New accolade for Formel D: In the latest study conducted by the F.A.Z. Institute under the title “Excellent Service”, the Group made it into the top ranking in the “Technical Service Providers” category.

2021-04-13T14:59:24+02:0013. kwietnia 2021|

A more modern design, improved user experience, more content, and 100 percent responsivity: The Formel D Group website has undergone a facelift. You will find out what exactly has changed on the Group website and how you as a user benefit below.

2021-03-31T16:58:25+02:0031. marca 2021|

Formel D scores a hat trick: For the third time in a row, the quality service provider was named “Digital Champion”, an honor awarded annually by renowned business magazine “Focus Money”.

2021-03-31T08:29:45+02:0011. marca 2021|

Formel D and American company Cyngn have entered into a partnership in the area of autonomous driving. In the future, Formel D will support the Silicon Valley-based software company in quality assurance and sale of the DriveMod software, which Cyngn develops for autonomous vehicles.

2021-03-16T15:12:56+01:0004. marca 2021|

The new issue of the Formel D customer magazine Informel is now available in both digital and print versions. In a new design, the most extensive Informel magazine to date provides information on a number of interesting projects and news from the Group.

2021-10-21T11:03:58+02:0029. stycznia 2021|

Award premiere for Formel D: For the first time ever, the Group has been named one of the ten most promising companies in the area of quality management for last year by US business magazine “CIO Review”.

2021-03-31T16:06:19+02:0022. stycznia 2021|

The Chinese subsidiary of the Formel D Group was recognized at this year’s Supplier Day of Beijing Benz Automotive Co Ltd. (BBAC) as one of three “Never Give In” winners with the Excellence Supplier Award for its outstanding performance during the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-03-10T10:50:27+01:0023. grudnia 2020|

At the end of the year, the Formel D Group headquarters relocated from Troisdorf-Spich to the Carlswerk Drahtlager in Cologne-Mülheim. With the relocation, employees and management look to the year 2021 full of confidence.

2021-03-16T14:57:12+01:0022. grudnia 2020|

As part of a population survey on “Germany’s top employers”, Formel D achieved an excellent result, ranking among the most attractive employers in the country.

2021-03-21T11:17:21+01:0019. listopada 2020|

Sponsored by Formel D, race car driver Tristan Gommendy had a huge success at the last race in this year’s European Le Mans Series (ELMS) in Portimão, Portugal, securing second place with his team.

2021-03-10T10:51:07+01:0013. listopada 2020|

Formel D has been distinguished by Capital business magazine as one of the best training companies in Germany for the second year in a row since 2019. The Group has once again ranked among the top companies in the two categories of training and cooperative education programs.

2021-03-21T11:17:15+01:0020. października 2020|

As of October 1, 2020, Dr. Wassiou Sitou is reinforcing the management board of Formel D subsidiary Vdynamics in Munich. The graduate computer scientist and software engineer was most recently the Senior Vice President at ESG Mobility GmbH, a subsidiary of the ESG Group.

2021-03-10T10:51:32+01:0001. października 2020|

Formel D will continue its longstanding sponsorship for the Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde in 2020. With the third project phase to preserve the rainforest in Guatemala beginning, the successful concept from the first two completed phases will be applied in other project regions.

2021-03-10T10:51:39+01:0021. września 2020|

Formel D Spain is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The national subsidiary has developed very successfully over the past two decades and currently employs more than 500 people. They work at eight Formel D locations as well as onsite with its customers.

2021-03-21T11:16:55+01:0014. września 2020|

Troisdorf, 11. September 2020. Formel D hat heute die strategische Weiterentwicklung des Unternehmens unter dem Leitgedanken „Driving Excellence“ vorgestellt. In diesem Zusammenhang wurden vier Handlungsfelder festgelegt, in denen sich das Unternehmen noch besser aufstellen will, um den Wandel in der Automobilindustrie aktiv zu begleiten.

2021-03-10T10:51:53+01:0011. września 2020|

To celebrate the completion of the building shell of the new Vehicle Development Center (VDC) in Immendingen, Formel D held a roofing ceremony this week. The traditional celebration in the commercial and industrial area of Donau-Hegau was attended by well-known customers of the Group, who were able to get a first glimpse of the construction progress of the building and the future range of services at the VDC on this day.

2021-03-10T10:51:59+01:0011. września 2020|

Motorsport at its best - The four-hour race of the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) took place on Sunday afternoon on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

2021-03-10T10:52:04+01:0010. sierpnia 2020|

For the third year in a row, Formel D has been honored as a company with the “Highest Reputation” according to a study by Focus Money. Among the around 150 companies in the category of “Automotive suppliers” included in the study, the quality service provider once again secured a spot in the top ranking in 2020.

2021-03-21T11:17:26+01:0007. sierpnia 2020|

Managing complex software and electronics in vehicles professionally while ensuring end-to-end quality.

2021-03-10T10:52:20+01:0004. sierpnia 2020|

Around 500 employees, four subsidiaries, and 20 permanent project locations on the premises of its customers: 20 years after its foundation, Formel D Polska SP. z o.o. can look optimistically into the future due to numerous successfully completed projects for OEMs and suppliers.

2021-03-10T10:52:26+01:0003. sierpnia 2020|

“Will the coronavirus pandemic bring the electric campaign to a halt – or really get it going?” Matthias Grossmann, Vice President Strategy & Digitalization of Formel D Group, intends to address this question on July 14 in the webcast “Automobilwoche talks Business” in a discussion with Christian Müller (Head of Development, Opel) and Thomas Ulbrich (Volkswagen, Head of E-Mobility Brand).

2021-03-10T10:52:36+01:0010. lipca 2020|

The Formel D Group has found an attractive new location for its headquarters, planning to move from Troisdorf-Spich to the Carlswerk Drahtlager in Cologne-Mülheim in October 2020.

2021-03-10T10:52:42+01:0016. czerwca 2020|

The Formel D Group expands its board: Effective June 1, 2020, Dr. Thomas Klukas has assumed the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the quality service provider in the automotive industry. With many years of international experience across a variety of managerial positions, the 55-year-old now heads the Group’s operational division. From this point on, Formel D’s executive management will consist of Dr. Jürgen Laakmann (CEO), Gian Mario Deligios (CFO), and Dr. Thomas Klukas (COO).

2021-03-10T10:52:50+01:0002. czerwca 2020|

With strict hygiene and protective measures, the Formel D Group is preparing to start many projects back up at short notice that were ramped down or stopped entirely due to the spread of the coronavirus. One of the numerous measures: For over two weeks, the Group has been producing nose and mouth masks non-stop at the in-house sewing facility in Stuttgart to cover internal company demand.

2021-03-10T10:52:57+01:0013. maja 2020|

Unusual times create unusual challenges for companies that require new and safe solutions. Formel D is here to support their customers effective immediately with the disinfection of vehicles and vehicle components along the entire value chain, to ensure a comprehensive protection for both your employees and their end customers.

2021-03-10T10:53:10+01:0012. maja 2020|

Accompanied by strict hygiene measures to protect employees, many Formel D subsidiaries began split operation starting this week. This means that some employees will work in the office for a certain period while the others are working from home and that these groups will rotate. Many colleagues in Munich can also look forward to relocating to a new office – the Group has now officially moved into a new location in the Bavarian metropolis.

2021-03-10T10:54:06+01:0008. maja 2020|

In a new interview with “RusslandInsider”, a business magazine issued by the OWC publishing house for foreign trade, expert Konstantin Blagodarov, Director Operations and Sales at Formel D Russia, discusses the state and development of the Russian automotive market.

2021-03-10T10:54:20+01:0023. kwietnia 2020|

Each one of us can do our part and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Besides following known hygiene regulations, such as washing your hands and sneezing or coughing into your elbow, two additional measures are essential: keeping a distance from others and staying home whenever possible. The Formel D Group would also like to do its part by reminding everyone of this code of conduct.

2021-03-21T11:17:31+01:0015. kwietnia 2020|

For several weeks now, the coronavirus pandemic has dominated the daily lives of most people around the world. In terms of health and economic impact, this epidemic has already reached a level that seemed unimaginable just a short time ago.

2021-03-10T10:54:34+01:0014. kwietnia 2020|

Martin Cornelius joined Formel D subsidiary Vdynamics GmbH/MobileNext GmbH as a new member of executive management on April 1, 2020. The industrial engineer will assume responsibility for the sales, finance, and administration divisions.

2021-03-10T10:54:40+01:0009. kwietnia 2020|

“Megatrends in the automotive industry and the consequences for small and medium-sized suppliers”: Dr. Marcel Klehr, Vice President Germany at Formel D, will discuss this topic with other panel participants at the digitally conducted Alphazirkel Automotive Forum on March 17, 2020.

2021-03-10T10:54:52+01:0014. lutego 2020|

Silver medal for Formel D: For their active commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the Group has now received an award from EcoVadis. The award from the independent rating agency underlines both the transparency that Formel D maintains with their international business partners, and their special dedication to more sustainability and social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain.

2021-03-10T10:55:37+01:0016. stycznia 2020|

Gian Mario Deligios has been the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Formel D since the beginning of 2020. The finance manager, who has many years of experience in leading positions in the automotive industry, succeeds Dr. Knut Michelberger, who acted as CFO on an interim basis from July 2019 to the end of the year and is now returning to the Group Advisory Board.

2021-03-10T10:55:49+01:0008. stycznia 2020|

Even during the Christmas season, many people around the world are in dire distress. For almost 50 years, “Doctors Without Borders” has been providing medical aid in more than 70 countries in crisis and war zones as well as in areas where natural disasters struck. Formel D is now doing its part to support the international organization with a Christmas donation.

2021-03-10T10:56:00+01:0023. grudnia 2019|

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newly developed platform e-Apps New Generation which is a major upgrade of the current Formel D e-Apps Platform.

2021-03-10T10:56:11+01:0018. grudnia 2019|

In 2018, 14,410 children in Germany were the victims of sexual abuse. Besides the registered cases, the number of unreported cases is estimated to be around seven times higher according to experts.

2021-03-10T10:56:17+01:0016. grudnia 2019|

Outstanding achievements deserve special support: As in previous years, [...]

2021-03-10T10:56:22+01:0009. grudnia 2019|

“We’ve never experienced Formel D like this before!” exclaimed visitors to the Formel D in-house trade fair, held at its Ingolstadt location last week. The new subsidiary was transformed into a small exhibition center for the event, featuring several topic-specific booths where the many guests could experience the Formel D world up close and personal.

2021-03-10T10:56:32+01:0005. grudnia 2019|

Christmas is just around the corner and Formel D is already in the right mood. Are you, too? Then make sure to check out our online Advent calendar.

2021-03-10T10:56:40+01:0029. listopada 2019|

Five young talents, five different training and career paths: On November 20, our cooperative education students and trainees who completed their programs this year were honored as part of a graduation celebration held at the company headquarters in Troisdorf.

2021-03-10T10:56:47+01:0027. listopada 2019|

Formel D GmbH will now sponsor the AsylPlus integration project. Headquartered in Bad Tölz, south of Munich, this association supports asylum seekers and refugees in learning German and skills that help with integration using computers. With this commitment, Formel D continues to expand its activities in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

2021-03-10T10:56:52+01:0022. listopada 2019|

In its current issue, business magazine “Capital” published a study on the best training companies in Germany. With four out of five stars, Formel D placed very well in the rankings and thus achieved an excellent result.

2021-03-21T11:17:03+01:0030. października 2019|

In the current October 2019 issue, specialist journal Automobil Industrie asked our CEO Dr. Jürgen Laakmann eight questions on current industry issues.

2021-03-10T10:57:09+01:0025. października 2019|

Last Tuesday, our subsidiary CPS Quality received an innovation award from EQUIP AUTO. The award ceremony was held during a gala dinner at the EQUIP AUTO trade show in Paris, organized by Philippe Baudin, who was elected president of EQUIP AUTO on April 4, 2019.

2021-03-10T10:57:20+01:0017. października 2019|

Formel D India Private Ltd. was founded exactly ten years ago to the day – on October 15, 2009. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Indian colleagues on the 10th anniversary of their national subsidiary.

2021-03-21T11:17:42+01:0015. października 2019|

The Formel D Group has successfully completed its acquisition of French quality service provider CPS Quality following approval from the competition authorities. CPS Quality will continue to operate under its existing name in France, Belgium, Morocco and Turkey. In Romania and Hungary CPS Quality will henceforth operate under the name Formel D.

2021-03-11T11:02:03+01:0009. października 2019|

Troisdorf, September 30, 2019. The Formel D Group has finalized its acquisition of Vdynamics GmbH, a Munich-based engineering service provider focused on physical and virtual testing of automotive software and ECUs (electronic control units). The acquisition will enable Formel D to reinforce its market position in product development, with a focus on testing and validation and offer a greater range of solutions to its customers. Following its integration, Vdynamics will continue to operate under its own name.

2021-03-11T11:02:09+01:0030. września 2019|

Vehicle tests help ensure vehicle quality under a wide range of external conditions. Formel D supports its customers in preparing, organizing and carrying out test runs on public streets as well as private tracks and test sites.

2021-03-11T11:02:17+01:0026. września 2019|

The new issue of our customer magazine Informel provides interesting insights into the world of Formel D and our current projects.

2021-04-07T15:04:01+02:0020. września 2019|

The first Formel D blood donation campaign at the company headquarters in Troisdorf yielded very promising results for the automotive service provider: 42 employees, including 24 first-time donors, took part in the campaign. Collectively, they made a significant contribution to replenishing the blood supplies of the German Red Cross.

2021-03-11T11:02:37+01:0017. września 2019|

Last week, our new apprentices, Maximilian Maier and Maximilian Stangl, had their first hands-on experience at our Formel D site in Böblingen. The two young men are our first two apprentices as automotive mechatronic specialists.

2021-03-11T11:02:46+01:0009. września 2019|

As a sponsoring partner of the Graff racing team, Formel D is keeping its fingers crossed for drivers Tristan Gommendy, Alexandre Cougnaud, and Jonathan Hirschi for the remaining three races in 2019.

2021-03-11T11:02:58+01:0030. sierpnia 2019|

Since August 2019, Hanna (20), Elvira (18), Max (18), and Sebastian (19) are new trainees at Formel D. The four newcomers are completing their vocational training as business administrator for office management or IT specialist for systems integration.

2021-03-11T11:03:07+01:0007. sierpnia 2019|

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) alliance urges companies around the world to voluntarily align their business activities and strategies with ten universally accepted principles of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption measures.

2021-03-11T11:03:15+01:0002. sierpnia 2019|

Troisdorf, Germany, July 11, 2019. Today, Formel D, a global service provider for quality management and quality assurance to the automotive and component supply industry, has signed an agreement to acquire CPS Quality.

2021-03-11T11:03:23+01:0011. lipca 2019|

Amar Biso Jalal from Iraq, Nguse Yemane from Eritrea, and Sayed Jamal Hussaini from Afghanistan have been working for Formel D at the Renningen site in a control & rework project since November 2018. What the young men have in common: The three came to Formel D via the non-profit organization Social-Bee, which assists refugees in integrating into the German job market.

2021-03-11T11:03:30+01:0028. czerwca 2019|

As with last year, Formel D has once again been honored as one of “Germany’s most innovative companies” in a study carried out by “Focus Money” business magazine in 2019.

2021-03-11T11:03:38+01:0021. czerwca 2019|

Formel D opened their first subsidiary in the UK on this date exactly 25 years ago. In its anniversary year of 2019, the national subsidiary looks back at its very successful development and plans to continue expanding its range of customer services in the years to come.

2021-03-11T11:03:43+01:0003. czerwca 2019|

For Formel D, the health and safety of its employees takes top priority. This is why Formel D has launched a new occupational safety management system that optimizes these aspects within the company.

2021-03-11T11:03:49+01:0016. maja 2019|

As last year, Formel D has once again been honored with the “Highest Reputation” award in the category of automotive suppliers. In this year’s study, business magazine Focus Money collaborated with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) to rate thousands of companies.

2021-03-11T11:03:55+01:0010. maja 2019|

Since 2016, Formel D has set benchmarks with its Verification and Campaign Center (VCC) in Ahlhorn, North Germany. Now, the Group is gradually expanding the location into a Competence Center for electromobility to meet ever-growing customer demand.

2021-04-07T14:51:47+02:0012. kwietnia 2019|

Award for Formel D: As part of the largest study on the topic of digitalization in German companies, the Group was awarded the “Digital Champion – Company with a Future” seal by business magazine “Focus Money”.

2021-03-11T11:04:10+01:0022. marca 2019|

As in past years, Formel D is once again sponsoring initiative Star Care e.V. projects, including the work of the registered charity “Clowns im Dienst” which is geared towards children with long stays in the hospital.

2021-03-11T11:04:16+01:0019. marca 2019|

With its diverse projects, Formel D offers attractive jobs and perspectives in the automotive industry. Most recently, our team got to know numerous applicants at the “jobvector career day” in Munich.

2021-03-11T11:04:24+01:0022. lutego 2019|

Formel D will continue to support tropical forest foundation OroVerde in 2019. These longstanding partners look forward to driving their success rainforest project forward in the Bocas del Polochic region of Guatemala.

2021-03-11T11:06:53+01:0008. stycznia 2019|
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