Formel D Christmas Special: Online Advent Calendar

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Christmas is just around the corner and Formel D is already in the right mood. Are you, too? Then make sure to check out our online Advent calendar.

Behind each of the 24 doors, you will find an exciting quiz question related to automobiles, mobility, and the Formel D world. Answer the question correctly and participate in our weekly prize draw, where you can win one of our exclusive Formel D goodie boxes.

We wish all the participants lots of luck and fun!

News Update: Winners of the Advent Calendar Prize Draw

We congratulate the winners of our Advent calendar prize draw and hope they enjoy the Formel D Goodie Box. Congratulations to D. Zimmermann, T. Bender, M. Krämer, S. Schiffner, I. Wand, C. Hoffmann, M. Klueners, J. Winkler, G. Rabe-Bollmann, R. Gutschka, K. Spangenberg, and M. Krause.

Of course, we would also like to thank all other participants of our prize draw and wish everyone a good start to the new year!

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