Dr. Marcel Klehr discusses megatrends at the Automotive Forum

Data publikacji: 14. lutego 2020Liczba słów: 119Czas czytania: 0,6 min

“Megatrends in the automotive industry and the consequences for small and medium-sized suppliers”: Dr. Marcel Klehr, Vice President Germany at Formel D, will discuss this topic with other panel participants at the digitally conducted Alphazirkel Automotive Forum on March 17, 2020.

Among other things, the discussion will focus on current strategic challenges of the automotive industry, investments in innovative start-ups, and new ways for small and medium-sized companies to successfully venture into the future. Furthermore, the panel participants will discuss the opportunities and risks for the supply and service industries with regard to the transformation of the automotive industry.

The Automotive Forum is being organized by Alphazirkel International in collaboration with KPMG AG and VDA .

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