Formel D completes the acquisition of CPS Quality and looks forward to hosting a joint booth at Paris trade fair

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The Formel D Group has successfully completed its acquisition of French quality service provider CPS Quality following approval from the competition authorities. CPS Quality will continue to operate under its existing name in France, Belgium, Morocco and Turkey. In Romania and Hungary CPS Quality will henceforth operate under the name Formel D.

“By acquiring CPS Quality, we can offer our customers an increased global presence and faster response times, as well as greater flexibility, whilst keeping our high quality standards,” explains Dr. Jürgen Laakmann, CEO of the Formel D Group.

Joint booth at Equip Auto 2019 in Paris
From October 15 to 19, 2019, Formel D and CPS Quality will host a joint booth for the first time at the Equip Auto Paris 2019 automotive trade fair. More than 800 international exhibitors will showcase their aftersales and mobility services products, which fits perfectly with Formel D Group’s multinational strategy. “Equip Auto Paris is an excellent opportunity to present Formel D’s enhanced capabilities following the acquisition of CPS Quality to a broad expert audience,” says Dr. Jürgen Laakmann. “Both CPS and Formel D look forward to showcasing their high quality portfolio together in Paris.”

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About Formel D
Formel D is a global service provider to the automotive and supply industry. The Group develops concepts and scalable solutions for quality assurance and process optimization along the entire automotive value chain – from product development and production to aftersales. Founded in 1993 in Troisdorf near Cologne, Formel D now employs over 12,000 people and is present in more than 90 locations across 22 countries. The executive board is led by CEO Jürgen Laakmann.

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