25 Years of Formel D UK

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Formel D opened their first subsidiary in the UK on this date exactly 25 years ago. In its anniversary year of 2019, the national subsidiary looks back at its very successful development and plans to continue expanding its range of customer services in the years to come.

Last year, the British subsidiary, which relocated its headquarters to Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford upon Avon in early 2018, grew to a workforce of around 330 employees in the first half of 2018, making it the 10,000th employee in the entire Formel D Group. Previously dominated by projects in technical documentation, Formel D UK also implements numerous customer projects in the areas of paint and rework, batch and hold and supplier management as well as in the market segments of product development and aftersales.

“We plan to continue expanding our portfolio of services in the areas of product development, production and aftersales in the years to come to continue meeting growing customer demand in the rapidly developing automotive industry,” says Neil Davies, Director Operations UK.

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