#stayhome and #keepthedistance: Formel D designs corona campaign GIFs

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Each one of us can do our part and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Besides following known hygiene regulations, such as washing your hands and sneezing or coughing into your elbow, two additional measures are essential: keeping a distance from others and staying home whenever possible. The Formel D Group would also like to do its part by reminding everyone of this code of conduct.

#stayhome: Whenever possible, stay home and only go out in public if necessary. In particular, avoid personal encounters with older or chronically ill people for their own protection. Instead, take advantage of communication by phone, e-mail, chat, etc. At Formel D, we have asked all employees whose job allows to work from home. Meetings take place as video conferences or teleconferences.

#keepthedistance: If you go out in public, e.g. on the streets or to the supermarket, make sure to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters (6 feet) from other people, avoid crowds, and forego contact, such as greeting people with a handshake. At Formel D, we ensure in our ongoing projects that both hygiene measures and the safety distance can always be adhered to.

Please take care of yourself and your fellow humans and stay healthy!

Your Formel D Team

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