Successful in-house trade fair at Formel D in Ingolstadt

Data publikacji: 05. grudnia 2019Liczba słów: 142Czas czytania: 0,8 min

“We’ve never experienced Formel D like this before!” exclaimed visitors to the Formel D in-house trade fair, held at its Ingolstadt location last week. The new subsidiary was transformed into a small exhibition center for the event, featuring several topic-specific booths where the many guests could experience the Formel D world up close and personal.

One highlight was the “Connected Table”, a new design honored with an innovation prize. Used for component control and rework, this test bench developed by Formel D subsidiary CPS Quality is characterized by its “vision technology.” Like a third eye, the system supports inspectors in identifying defective parts, boosting inspection quality.

In addition, the trade fair showcased 2D and 3D component measurements, parts control using augmented reality glasses, a half-camouflaged vehicle, and many other interesting services from the product portfolio, all of which drew great interest.

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