Formel D is host sponsor of the webcast “Automobilwoche talks Business”

Data publikacji: 10. lipca 2020Liczba słów: 118Czas czytania: 0,6 min

“Will the coronavirus pandemic bring the electric campaign to a halt – or really get it going?” Matthias Grossmann, Vice President Strategy & Digitalization of Formel D Group, intends to address this question on July 14 in the webcast “Automobilwoche talks Business” in a discussion with Christian Müller (Head of Development, Opel) and Thomas Ulbrich (Volkswagen, Head of E-Mobility Brand).

In the webcasts of industry and business journal “Automobilwoche” , industry experts discuss current issues affecting the automotive industry every Tuesday.

As host sponsor we are pleased to present this issue of the new Automobilwoche webcast, which will be in German, and look forward to an exciting dialog.

(Update from 16th July 2020)

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