Formel D headquarters is relocating to Carlswerk in Cologne

Zveřejněno: 16. června 2020247 slov1,2 min. čtení

The Formel D Group has found an attractive new location for its headquarters, planning to move from Troisdorf-Spich to the Carlswerk Drahtlager in Cologne-Mülheim in October 2020.

After serving as a production facility for cable and wire rope in the last century, Carlswerk has now been revitalized as a trendy rental location for business, culture, and gastronomy. Located just under 25 km (15 miles) from Formel D’s previous headquarters in Troisdorf, it is easy to reach from the airport or by car, ICE, and public transportation. It also provides free parking.

“After 27 years in Troisdorf-Spich, the move is obviously a big change for us. We’ve grown so much in recent years that space has been getting tight in our old building,” says Dr. Jürgen Laakmann, Formel D’s CEO. “Now we’re looking forward to the new location, whose layout gives us the opportunity to redesign and update our work environment.”

“The Carlswerk Drahtlager provides plenty of space that can be configured flexibly for working in teams. It also features great technical equipment and is set in an attractive environment surrounded by other ambitious companies, dining options, as well as cultural and sports facilities,” says Dr. Thomas Klukas, Formel D’s COO.

“Moreover, the location is extremely cost-efficient. We are looking forward to a successful start in the million-strong city of Cologne. The innovative environment at Carlswerk is a perfect fit for us,” adds Gian Mario Deligios, Formel D’s CFO.

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