Formel D christmas donation to “Doctors Without Borders”

Zveřejněno: 23. prosince 2019163 slov0,9 min. čtení

Even during the Christmas season, many people around the world are in dire distress. For almost 50 years, “Doctors Without Borders” has been providing medical aid in more than 70 countries in crisis and war zones as well as in areas where natural disasters struck. Formel D is now doing its part to support the international organization with a Christmas donation.

“A Light in the Darkness”: In the spirit of this motto by “Doctors Without Borders” , Formel D aims to alleviate some of the global distress. Specifically, the donation from the Group will help to provide malnourished children with calorie-rich ready-to-eat meals. “The donation is very important to us because far too many children are still starving these days,” says Anna Zajonz-Bielicki, who is responsible for CSR at Formel D.

“Doctors Without Borders” helps quickly, efficiently, and without red tape. The doctors and nurses, midwives, and logistics specialists treat sick and wounded people, take care of malnourished children, and provide clean drinking water and latrines.

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