42 Participants at the Formel D Blood Donation Day

Zveřejněno: 17. září 2019221 slov1,2 min. čtení

The first Formel D blood donation campaign at the company headquarters in Troisdorf yielded very promising results for the automotive service provider: 42 employees, including 24 first-time donors, took part in the campaign. Collectively, they made a significant contribution to replenishing the blood supplies of the German Red Cross.

In addition to the Troisdorf employees, a Hungarian Formel D colleague, who was working at the headquarters at that time, also volunteered to donate blood. “It’s a really good sign that so many of our colleagues took part,” says Martin Mennicken, Technical Director at Formel D, who led by example as one of the first donors. The blood donations and the preceding briefings were conducted professionally on site by employees of the German Red Cross. Following the blood drive in the mobile German Red Cross blood donation vehicle, the participants were able to regain their strength with snacks and drinks.

A single blood bag can save three lives

“Approximately 15,000 blood bags are needed every day in Germany. Even the best medical care supply system can’t provide the necessary help for serious injuries without blood supplies from donations. Just one blood bag can save three lives,” says Anna Zajonz-Bielicki, the person responsible for this campaign at Formel D. “All the more reason for us to thank everyone for their commitment to our pilot project.”

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