Vehicle Management Worldwide – Fleet Processing in the USA

From the East Coast to the West, Formel D gives expert support to a German premium manufacturer in its Performance Centers in the US using its globally standardized procedures and qualified professionals.

Each center offers driving courses enabling drivers to experience, under demanding conditions, the performance spectrum of various models. The programs offered for example include safety training courses for learner drivers and advanced motorists or speedy laps of the company circuit in highly motorized fleet vehicles. The fleet belonging to the centers includes not only premium-class passenger cars but also motorcycles. As the OEM’s customers hone their driving skills, locally trained Formel D staff are on-site. The experienced teams know and support the complete range of models offered by the manufacturer and carry out detailed reconditioning as well as any necessary repairs directly and expertly. The professionals ensure that all vehicles meet the quality standards of a new car – optically as well as technically.

  • Constant training courses increase the qualification level in a consistent way.

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Structured Vehicle Management

With its portfolio of quality assurance services, Formel D relieves and assists the vehicle manufacturer in a targeted way. The support services offer a high potential for synergy within a network and can be smoothly integrated into several locations worldwide. Efficient structures enable several hundred vehicles to undergo a closely coordinated quality inspection process at the Performance Centers every month. The constantly expanding services of Formel D cover an extremely wide range of fields. Besides repairs, service and maintenance of the fleet vehicles, the portfolio also includes the supervision of administrative processes. In this way, the customer can acquire everything he needs from one supplier and is able to rely on the concentrated and organically developed expertise provided by the latter.

  • Formel D provides competent support at the customer’s site.

In addition to the passenger cars used in the driving school, Formel D also helps the manufacturer to handle his employee lease fleet as well as customer vehicles to be delivered, which are processed directly on-site. First the Formel D teams carefully inspect each vehicle, after which they begin with tailor-made reconditioning processes. “Of course, we take the various requirements of the different variants with regard to equipment and engines into account. As a fleet always consists of the most up-to-date vehicle types, it includes conventional as well as alternative types of drive,” explains Ronny Rex, Project Manager at Formel D. “That is why we give our employees well-focused advanced training in special technology workshops. Constant training courses help us to increase the qualification level in a consistent way.” In conjunction with clearly structured process procedures, this helps to create an efficient and high-quality working environment. Formel D thus has specially qualified experts present on-site to assist the customer with detailed service activities. The team includes experts for all disciplines, from passenger car specialists and experts in the fields of paint and body overhauling to employees specializing in the vehicle interior, service and components. The comprehensive service portfolio also includes a special delivery presentation for handing over the vehicles on schedule upon completion of all processes.

In addition, Formel D offers a sound organizational structure that includes administrative competences such as security checks, logistics and workshop management. In all projects for the German premium manufacturer, Formel D works proactively to define and optimize further potential opportunities. “Usage of the Performance Centers is high and they cater for a customer base which is growing all the time,” Ronny Rex explains. “This is why the experts from Formel D are on-site to help customers to take stock of the vehicles in real time. We put in all our technical know-how and offer competent support for the employees of the OEM within the workshop.”

Maximum Quality Standards

As a matter of course, Formel D implements the high quality standards of its customers in all fields of responsibility. For this reason, the customer side regularly audits the implementation of the three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs stand for performance figures which are defined and implemented within a company to measure corporate success and serve as reference quantities for analyses. One of the KPIs is the company’s central mission of ensuring the special quality of the premium vehicles by using targeted services to realize maximum standards and secure all-round customer satisfaction in the long term. The customers of Formel D include the BMW Group, for which Formel D is active as a quality service provider at various sites.

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