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Article in customer magazine Informel | Since 2015, Formel D has been active in the fields of service management and technical support for a German premium manufacturer. The Group assists the automotive manufacturer with its comprehensive system knowledge and experience and helps to increase customer satisfaction.

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Interactive Workshop Media

The time management of visits to passenger car workshops makes a crucial contribution to customer satisfaction. Complex repairs in challenging installation geometries can be very time-consuming. The law prescribes comprehensive repair instructions for each vehicle derivate, but it does not specify all of the parameters. Formel D develops easy-to-understand workshop literature with multimedia approaches and an especially high information content with the aim of supporting a convenient and effective repair process.

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Packaging Management – Perfectly packaged

For 18 years Formel D has been working in the field of packaging manage- ment. The premium service provider specifies, constructs, improves and tests packaging materials and develops packaging concepts for the after sales sectors of Opel/GM and BMW.

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On board from the beginning

It was 18 years ago that the foundation was first laid for the creation of customer and workshop literature and the determination of labour time for Opel AG. Since 1997, Formel D has also been responsible for serviceability tests and other coordinating activities in the GM After Sales division. Today, Formel D is in charge of projects in these areas for GM/Opel all over the world.

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Interview literature and serviceability

Formel D works for General Motors not only in the areas of literature and serviceability, but also as a builder of bridges to new regions. For Joachim Beitz and Ralf Rösner of GM/Opel, this represents a special strength of the service provider.

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