Formel D successfully supports OroVerde’s project to conserve water and protect rainforests

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As a partner of the OroVerde foundation, Formel D has been supporting the “Wasserschutz ist Regenwaldschutz” (“Conserving water to protect rainforests”) project in northern Guatemala since 2014. We are delighted that 2016 has once again seen progress made with respect to the protection and regeneration of rainforest areas, the construction of a safe water supply, and an improvement in water quality.

Formel D was able to contribute to this by planting out 230 saplings in the Sierra del Lacandón national park. On top of this, environmental education has been promoted in the form of adventure trails through forest areas and various workshops on the subject of forest fire prevention and using natural resources sustainably.

The construction of a water supply has also been successfully completed. This means that 472 households can now look forward to permanent access to clean drinking water. What’s more, garbage collection activities, plus education and training sessions on hygiene practices as well as waste prevention and disposal have been supported.

Anniversaries at Formel D have also been used as occasions to help reforestation efforts in the rainforest. Through a tree sponsorship program, each employee celebrating an anniversary automatically makes a personal contribution to protecting the world’s climate, in the form of 10 trees. The area reforested by this campaign now includes more than 670 trees.

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