Anniversary campaign | Formel D donates 250 additional trees for the Guatemalan rain forest

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Characterized by the theme “25 years | Driving ideas forward,” for its anniversary year of 2018, Formel D will hold several charity campaigns for social and sustainable organizations. As its first project, the company has donated 250 additional trees for the rain forest in Guatemala in collaboration with partner organization OroVerde.

During the company’s anniversary month, Andrea Steingrebe, project manager at OroVerde, presented a certificate to Dr. Jürgen Laakmann, CEO of Formel D, and Anna Zajonz-Bielicki, responsible for CSR topics in Formel D Marketing.

“We are proud to be able to actively contribute to the fight against climate change with our donation and longstanding cooperation with OroVerde,” says Dr. Jürgen Laakmann. Thanks to Formel D’s support, a total of 1,250 seedlings have been planted over the course of three years of projects.

For over 25 years, our project partner, the OroVerde foundation, has advocated for saving and protecting tropical rainforests. Pilot projects were carried out together with regional partners and the local population, many of which focusing on the especially biodiverse rainforest areas in particular. OroVerde is also active in environmental education, promoting communication between conservation organizations, economics, sciences, politics and schools.

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