Formel D Group receives Fair Company Award

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Formel D Group has been honored with the Fair Company Award. This quality seal is awarded to companies which comply with the following recognized quality standards and auditable rules when interacting with young talent.

  • Students are offered internships for the purpose of professional orientation.
  • Interns are given clearly defined tasks and targets as well as a permanent contact person within the company.
  • Interns are employed for a reasonable period of time.
  • University graduates applying for a permanent position are not offered an internship instead.
  • Interns receive adequate compensation for their expenses.
  • Transparency is created with regard to the interns’ tasks, contact persons, and targets as well as the rules and regulations.

Fair Company is the biggest and most well-known employer initiative in Germany. It primarily aims at career entrants, trainees, student employees, and interns.

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