DKMS Employee Fund-Raising Campaign launched

Data publikacji: 18. kwietnia 2018Liczba słów: 115Czas czytania: 0,6 min

“Register now so others can continue celebrating their birthday too”: This is the motto of this year’s DKMS employee fund-raising campaign, launched as part of our anniversary.

Marcel Klehr, Vice President Germany, was the first to register, leading by example. On April 16, numerous employees at our headquarters in Troisdorf followed suit. The next joint employee registration will take place at our Böblingen location on April 19. We look forward to positive feedback and hope to see lots of registrations.

Characterized by the theme “25 years | Driving ideas forward,” for its anniversary year of 2018, Formel D will hold several charity campaigns for social and sustainable organizations. For the DKMS typification campaign, the corporate group will donate 2,500 euros.

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