DKMS Employee Donation Campaign: a Complete Success

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For several years, DKMS has helped in the fight against blood cancer on May 28, the global campaign day. In preparation for “World Blood Cancer Day,” Formel D initiated and financed a DKMS employee donation campaign.

Along the lines of “Register now so others can continue celebrating their birthday too,” all employees across Germany were given the opportunity to register via their employers as part of the 25-year anniversary of Formel D. Around 90 team members from the automotive service provider joined in, helping make the campaign a complete success.

“We are pleased that so many colleagues stepped up by registering for the fight against blood cancer,” says Anna Zajonz-Bielicki, responsible for this project in the Marketing department.

Characterized by the theme “25 years | Driving ideas forward,” for its anniversary year of 2018, Formel D has held several charity campaigns for social and sustainable organizations. In addition to the DKMS employee campaign, the corporate group also donated 25 toy cars to regional kindergartens and 250 trees to OroVerde, a tropical forest foundation featuring a long-standing partnership with Formel D

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