Social-Bee | Formel D offers refugees job prospects

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Amar Biso Jalal from Iraq, Nguse Yemane from Eritrea, and Sayed Jamal Hussaini from Afghanistan have been working for Formel D at the Renningen site in a control & rework project since November 2018. What the young men have in common: The three came to Formel D via the non-profit organization Social-Bee, which assists refugees in integrating into the German job market.

Social-Bee supports new arrivals in Germany as well as businesses participating in the program, such as Formel D, in terms of administration and acts as a go-between for employers.

“Amar, Nguse, and Sayed Jamal are fully integrated into the team and are performing valuable work,” is how Kai Luprich, Project Manager at Formel D, describes the positive outcome. And his three employees are also extremely happy with their jobs, their colleagues, and their managers. “It’s all great,” is how the three sum it up happily.

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