Formel D provides industrial vehicle disinfection for manufacturing sites and fleets

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Unusual times create unusual challenges for companies that require new and safe solutions. Formel D is here to support their customers effective immediately with the disinfection of vehicles and vehicle components along the entire value chain, to ensure a comprehensive protection for both your employees and their end customers.

Due to the corona crisis, the topics of hygiene and proper disinfection are a major focus for everyone both personally and professionally in the different industries. This also applies to work processes in the automotive industry. Vehicle components delivered to the manufacturing and production lines, and the vehicles handed over to the end customer, must be free of any contaminates in order to prevent possible further infection of production employees and end customers. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers and fleet companies need a fast and flexible solution that is both cost-effective and professionally done, in a manner not damaging to the vehicles during the sanitation process.

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