Successful Formel D Business Talk on « Mobility of the Future”

Publié le: 09. septembre 2021198 mots1 min de lecture

The mobility of the future is developing at a rapid pace and is the central theme of the IAA Mobility. In line with the start of Germany’s largest automotive trade fair, the Formel D Group invited guests to a Business Talk at Munich’s Allianz Arena. The keynote speakers of the Formel D subsidiary Vdynamics, Dr. Wassiou Sitou (Managing Director Vdynamics) and Sebastian Lüdeke (Key Account Manager Vdynamics), spoke about technological trends and the topic « Virtual validation in vehicle testing ».

Away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair and in a relaxed atmosphere, exciting discussions developed, e.g. on optimization approaches through the use of virtual testing. After the event at the get-together, there was an extensive exchange and networking among all participants – in a relaxed atmosphere and, of course, under corona-compliant conditions. Overall, the event met with a very positive response.

Here are the most important topics of discussion once again at a glance:

  • What are the current technological trends and what impact do they have on the mobility sector?
  • What optimization approaches are there through the use of virtual testing and virtual validation?
  • What are the benefits of virtual testing and validation processes?
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