New Munich Formel D subsidiary begins in split operation

发布于: 08. 5月 2020219 字阅读时间:1.1 分钟

Accompanied by strict hygiene measures to protect employees, many Formel D subsidiaries began split operation starting this week. This means that some employees will work in the office for a certain period while the others are working from home and that these groups will rotate. Many colleagues in Munich can also look forward to relocating to a new office – the Group has now officially moved into a new location in the Bavarian metropolis.

Formel D benefits from this relocation to Waldmeisterstraße 76 in several respects. As the new offices are now under the same roof as our subsidiary Vdynamics, this helps bring Formel D and Vdynamics closer together. New, modern work environments with open spaces and a communicative layout also make for optimized collaboration. Moreover, the added hall space enables the Group to carry out more operational projects right on site.

As at all other subsidiaries, employee safety is the top priority at Formel D Munich. Among other measures, additional hygiene stations and nose and mouth coverings will be provided, and important information will be posted at locations visible to all employees in order to minimize the risk of infection, laying the foundation for a successful start at the Munich location.

The subsidiary contact data at a glance:

Formel D Group
Waldmeisterstraße 76
D-80935 Munich
+49 89 329883-6 (Formel D)
+49 89 – 353 79670 (Vdynamics)

Corporate Communication
+34 659 144 353