Formel D e-Apps: New system and additional features

发布于: 18. 12月 2019242 字阅读时间:1.3 分钟

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newly developed platform e-Apps New Generation which is a major upgrade of the current Formel D e-Apps Platform.

It includes the following improvements:

  • Redesigned user interface
  • New notification system with offline/online notifications and chat features
  • New modern report layout
  • Major performance improvements in reports for long-term projects and for projects with a large amount of inspections

Launching this new generation of software that adapts to industry 4.0, Formel D is in a position to offer its customers additional applications for the digitization of services in the future, providing completely paperless processes and real-time reports. Until now the e-Apps suite is used in particular in control & rework projects and in our QCCs (Quality Confirmation Center) within the application e-QCC.

e-QCC focuses on the complete digitization of inspection & rework processes and results with the aim to simplify and streamline work processes, minimize administrative activities and possible sources of errors, optimize the interfaces to the customer and create more transparency along the entire order and result recording process.

The Formel D e-Apps suite is an important element in our digitization strategy as it is an important driver to enhance transparency and efficiency in automotive projects. In the future Formel D will provide additional applications that are tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and transparency in the automotive business, going ahead as the digital leader.

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