“Capital” business magazine: Formel D is considered a top training institution in Germany

发布于: 30. 10月 2019171 字阅读时间:0.9 分钟

In its current issue, business magazine “Capital” published a study on the best training companies in Germany. With four out of five stars, Formel D placed very well in the rankings and thus achieved an excellent result.

In collaboration with the talent platform Ausbildung.de and the personnel marketing experts from Territory Embrache, “Capital” carried out the third survey on this topic. More than 600 companies answered a detailed questionnaire containing more than 90 questions, including some new questions about trainers, budgets, and social media marketing. The survey covered information about training and cooperative education programs. For more information, click here (only in German language).

“This award highlights the great conditions trainees and cooperative education students receive at Formel D,” says Dr. Knut Michelberger, CFO at Formel D. “In the future, we want to maintain this high level and further expand our offering in these areas.”

Last year, Formel D already had particular success with two independent employer surveys: Focus Money ( “Top Career Opportunities for College Graduates” ) and BILD ( “very high employer attractiveness” ).

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