Autonomous driving | Formel D and Cyngn Enter Into Partnership Agreement

Published On: 04. março 2021232 words1,2 min read

Formel D and American company Cyngn have entered into a partnership in the area of autonomous driving. In the future, Formel D will support the Silicon Valley-based software company in quality assurance and sale of the DriveMod software, which Cyngn develops for autonomous vehicles.

“We are very much looking forward to working with an emerging and future-ready company like Cyngn ,” said Matthias Grossmann, Vice President Strategy & Digitalization at Formel D. “We are happy to contribute our expertise regarding autonomous vehicles and our experience from numerous projects along the entire automotive value chain.”

Formel D will set up prototypes in regions where Cyngn doesn’t have local employees, for example Europe and Asia. Another of Formel D’s tasks will include software validation – both generic and in combination with customer applications. Furthermore, the Group will support sales processes in Europe and Asia and offer aftersales support.

“Formel D has a sterling reputation for quality assurance and a deep experience retrofitting existing vehicle fleets with innovative technologies”, said Cyngn’s CEO Lior Tal. “We are very excited to work with them. It was always our intention to stay focused on R&D and leave the integration piece to organizations with the people-power and reach to meet the increasing demands for our technology solutions.”

Since 2017, Cyngn has developed software that can be used in a variety of environments in different autonomous vehicle types.

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