Comprehensive Services for new Mobility

Article in Automobil Industrie | E-mobility, connected cars, shared mobility, autonomous driving or increasing digitalization: Based on the global trends in the automotive industry, the key to success and sustainability more than ever lies in the optimization of quality assurance processes.

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Electric Future – Supplier management in China

Article in customer magazine Informel | China is increasingly becoming a pioneer of electric mobility. In light of the booming market for electric vehicles, Formel D is active in the field of supplier development for various OEMs in the People’s Republic.

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Quality Assurance using the E-Report

Article in OEM&Lieferant | Countless Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are involved in the complex process of manufacturing a car. This means that quality assurance includes an increasing number of incoming goods checks which the processing manufacturers prefer to put in the experienced hands of the Formel D Group.

2021-03-15T17:25:33+01:0002. 2月 2021|

EDI – Electric Data Interchange

Article in OEM & Lieferant | The global economy is currently experiencing a period of increased and unprecedented activity in which the worldwide exchange of goods and services gives rise to supply relationships with far-reaching economic impacts. Worldwide communication between, and integration of, suppliers is required in order to meet all present-day requirements of a corporation acting globally.

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Global supplier analysis and qualification for our customer ABB

Since the start of 2012, Formel D has been lending its support to the global group, ABB, to develop its suppliers. Engineers and quality managers employed by the service provider ensure on-time delivery in line with agreed quality standards.

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