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Comprehensive Expertise in physical and software Testing

Article in Top Company Guide 2020 | For manufacturers in the industry, there is a much larger demand for vehicle testing prior to moving into series production. Formel D Group supports its customers with numerous services in this area.

04. 2月 2021|

Commercial Vehicle Testing – Under Realistic Conditions

Article in Informel 1/2019 | Due to the rapid development of increasingly complex vehicles, manufacturers are counting on experienced partner support in the field of vehicle testing. Formel D is responsive to this environment and is continually expanding the scope of its services in this area.

04. 2月 2021|

Vehicle Testing 2.0

Long version of interview in OEM & Lieferant 2/2019 | Vehicle tests help ensure vehicle quality under a wide range of external conditions. Formel D supports its customers in preparing, organizing, and carrying out test runs on public streets as well as private tracks and test sites.

04. 2月 2021|

The right components at the right time

Article in Top Company Guide 2019 | In the summer of 2018, Formel D joined the “Retail Enabling Parts Management” (REPAM) project as a strategic partner, supporting dealers of a premium German manufacturer in optimizing their stock management processes.

04. 2月 2021|

Comprehensive Services for new Mobility

Article in Automobil Industrie | E-mobility, connected cars, shared mobility, autonomous driving or increasing digitalization: Based on the global trends in the automotive industry, the key to success and sustainability more than ever lies in the optimization of quality assurance processes.

04. 2月 2021|

Quality assurance for vehicles of all sizes

Article in OEM & Lieferant | The Formel D Group offers a comprehensive range of services along the entire automotive value chain for vehicle types of all sizes.

04. 2月 2021|

Electric Future – Supplier management in China

Article in customer magazine Informel | China is increasingly becoming a pioneer of electric mobility. In light of the booming market for electric vehicles, Formel D is active in the field of supplier development for various OEMs in the People’s Republic.

04. 2月 2021|

Professional Hotline Support

Article in customer magazine Informel | Since 2015, Formel D has been active in the fields of service management and technical support for a German premium manufacturer. The Group assists the automotive manufacturer with its comprehensive system knowledge and experience and helps to increase customer satisfaction.

03. 2月 2021|

Quality Confirmation Center (QCC)

Article in OEM & Lieferant | As digitalization increases, Formel D constantly improves its Quality Confirmation Centers (QCCs) to help manufacturers safeguard the supply of parts for assembly lines.

03. 2月 2021|

Full Trialing for vehicles of tomorrow

Article in OEM & Lieferant | New propulsion technologies, lightweight designs, optimized consumption demands, the sophisticated comfort requirements of final consumers and the introduction of extended assistance systems – these are just a few of the topics which are now affecting development processes.

03. 2月 2021|

Vehicle Repair Center (VRC)

Customer service now plays an increasingly important role in the holistic consideration of the vehicle lifecycle. Proactive quality- and solution-oriented handling in this field forges a sustainable positive relationship to the brand. Formel D is aware of the importance of customer loyalty, so it now offers a similarly wide range of services in the aftersales area as it does in development and production. Service, vehicle, dealer and warranty management form the basis of the service portfolio in this segment.

03. 2月 2021|

Interactive Workshop Media

The time management of visits to passenger car workshops makes a crucial contribution to customer satisfaction. Complex repairs in challenging installation geometries can be very time-consuming. The law prescribes comprehensive repair instructions for each vehicle derivate, but it does not specify all of the parameters. Formel D develops easy-to-understand workshop literature with multimedia approaches and an especially high information content with the aim of supporting a convenient and effective repair process.

03. 2月 2021|

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

Formel D uses structured concepts for pre-delivery inspections to support manufacturers with their upstream fleet management. At specially equipped sites, the service provider processes vehicles for internal delivery. This ensures that they are in perfect technical and optical condition at all times while taking the manufacturer’s guidelines into account.

03. 2月 2021|

Holistic Assurance and Verification

Article in Automotive Testing Technology International | The automotive sector is characterized by progressively shorter development times and an increasing density of derivates. Also, the rising proportion of electronic components in vehicles leads to new and expanded demands for solutions in the field of vehicle, software and component tests. Formel D as an experienced partner of the automotive industry expertly maps these scopes of services in everyday virtual and real-life testing.

03. 2月 2021|

Quality Assurance using the E-Report

Article in OEM&Lieferant | Countless Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are involved in the complex process of manufacturing a car. This means that quality assurance includes an increasing number of incoming goods checks which the processing manufacturers prefer to put in the experienced hands of the Formel D Group.

02. 2月 2021|

Vehicle Management Worldwide

From the East Coast to the West, Formel D gives expert support to a German premium manufacturer in its Performance Centers in the US using its globally standardized procedures and qualified professionals.

02. 2月 2021|

EDI – Electric Data Interchange

Article in OEM & Lieferant | The global economy is currently experiencing a period of increased and unprecedented activity in which the worldwide exchange of goods and services gives rise to supply relationships with far-reaching economic impacts. Worldwide communication between, and integration of, suppliers is required in order to meet all present-day requirements of a corporation acting globally.

02. 2月 2021|

Competence center for E-Mobility

Article in OEM & Lieferant 1/2019 | 115,000 m² of parking spaces for around 5,750 vehicles, a technical center measuring 1,500 m² with professional equipment and good water, rail and road connections: Since 2016, Formel D has set benchmarks with its Verification and Campaign Center (VCC) in Ahlhorn, North Germany. Now, the Group is gradually expanding the location into a Competence Center for electromobility to meet ever-growing customer demand.

01. 1月 2019|

Global supplier analysis and qualification for our customer ABB

Since the start of 2012, Formel D has been lending its support to the global group, ABB, to develop its suppliers. Engineers and quality managers employed by the service provider ensure on-time delivery in line with agreed quality standards.

01. 7月 2016|

Processing of show cars for Volkswagen

For the second time in succession, Formel D was responsible for smooth procedures and a perfect optical impression of the show cars at the 9th Group After Sales Conference (GASC) held by Volkswagen. The Formel D team offers a complete solution for this purpose, including logistics management, individual processing, subsequent quality checking and support during the days of the fair.

16. 2月 2014|

Packaging Management – Perfectly packaged

For 18 years Formel D has been working in the field of packaging manage- ment. The premium service provider specifies, constructs, improves and tests packaging materials and develops packaging concepts for the after sales sectors of Opel/GM and BMW.

16. 2月 2014|

Preparation of show cars for BMW

At the Leipzig car show, BMW gave its visitors a few moments that were literally illuminating. They were made possible by the vehicles’ special interior lighting system – which was installed by Formel D. It’s just one of the many services that the service provider offers in its CARing. portfolio.

16. 2月 2014|
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