The right components at the right time

Article in Top Company Guide 2019 | In the summer of 2018, Formel D joined the “Retail Enabling Parts Management” (REPAM) project as a strategic partner, supporting dealers of a premium German manufacturer in optimizing their stock management processes.

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Professional Hotline Support

Article in customer magazine Informel | Since 2015, Formel D has been active in the fields of service management and technical support for a German premium manufacturer. The Group assists the automotive manufacturer with its comprehensive system knowledge and experience and helps to increase customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle Repair Center (VRC)

Customer service now plays an increasingly important role in the holistic consideration of the vehicle lifecycle. Proactive quality- and solution-oriented handling in this field forges a sustainable positive relationship to the brand. Formel D is aware of the importance of customer loyalty, so it now offers a similarly wide range of services in the aftersales area as it does in development and production. Service, vehicle, dealer and warranty management form the basis of the service portfolio in this segment.

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