QCC Support for Yamaha Motorcycle Production in Brazil

Formel D supports Yamaha on the client’s premises in Manaus in northern Brazil with approximately 40 employees in the quality and supplier management divisions since 2019.

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Quality Confirmation Center (QCC)

Article in OEM & Lieferant | As digitalization increases, Formel D constantly improves its Quality Confirmation Centers (QCCs) to help manufacturers safeguard the supply of parts for assembly lines.

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Quality Assurance using the E-Report

Article in OEM&Lieferant | Countless Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are involved in the complex process of manufacturing a car. This means that quality assurance includes an increasing number of incoming goods checks which the processing manufacturers prefer to put in the experienced hands of the Formel D Group.

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Problem solving – made easy

In order to constantly improve the quality of serial production processes, the automotive industry relies on the standardised problem management process (PMP). BMW conferred the search and identification of possible error patterns also to the Formel D Group.

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