RusslandInsider: Interview with Formel D Director Konstantin Blagodarov

Publicado en: 23. abril 2020145 palabras0,8 min de lectura

In a new interview with “RusslandInsider”, a business magazine issued by the OWC publishing house for foreign trade, expert Konstantin Blagodarov, Director Operations and Sales at Formel D Russia, discusses the state and development of the Russian automotive market.

In light of recent events, the interview focused on the effects of the corona crisis on the Russian vehicle industry. According to Konstantin Blagodarov, the year 2020 will be a difficult one for the Russian automotive industry, but a distinction must be made – after all, the situation has developed differently in the various regions of Russia depending on the epidemiological situation. As for the consequences of the coronavirus, he expects to see differences between manufacturers that produce locally in Russia and those that only export their products to Russia. Konstantin Blagodarov also gave an assessment of the state of electromobility in Russia.

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